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Rebuilding an Organ Category

This category covers any reconstruction, large or small, with substantial tonal and/or mechanical changes. A rebuild will not necessarily aim to retain an earlier style of the instrument and in some instances may result in what is virtually a new organ incorporating existing material.

It is understood that accreditation in this category requires that the skills identified within the Tuning and Maintenance category are in evidence.


There are five main sections required to be inspected to succeed in this category. The significance of the details within each is that, while examples of workmanship may have been witnessed over and above, in every case these items will have been inspected as a minimum requirement within this category.

The Workshop
Appropriate facilities for rebuilding work to be carried out

Tuning and Speech
Accuracy of bearings
Tuning of flue-work
Speech and regulation of flue-work
Tuning of reeds
Speech and regulation of reeds
Balancing of choruses (i.e. an even build up through addition of upperwork and sensible ration of power between manual divisions)
Blend of new pipework within instrument (i.e. is it of a similar style to the rest of the instrument?)

At the Console
Appearance of console
All notes working promptly and correctly
Condition of keys and key-touch evenness
Quietness of action
Intemanual coupler regulation
Pedal coupler regulation
Absence of runnings and stiff slides
Stop control operation
Combination control operation
Swellbox operation
Wind steadiness
Adequacy of wind for full organ
Tremulant operation

Instrument Interior
General cleanliness
Quality, finish and regulation of any new mechanism
Effectiveness of design in withstanding humidity change
Layout of alterations
Accessibility of interior for tuning and maintenance
Bellows and control valve condition
Condition of felts, buttons, bushings and wires
Condition of tubing and leatherwork
Condition of electric action components and wiring
Physical condition of pipes and any pipe repairs
Quality of any pipework added to the organ
Pipework staying and support
Tidiness of pipe-tops, tuners and stoppers etc.
Condition of front pipe tuners
General impression of care for the instrument

Appropriateness of any physical alterations
General tidiness and finish of workmanship