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Leeds Cathedral Tuning Training Day - 2nd November 2018

Robert Balfour-Rowley, formerly an H&H London tuner, will be leading a training day for tuners. The main theme of the day will be how to manage tuning a large organ, and how to make sure it stays in tune. Having worked with organs such as Westminster Abbey and the Royal Festival Hall to ensure their tuning is stable for the kinds of events these organs must lead, Robert is no stranger to this topic!

Other topics to be covered include prioritising faults, etc. and managing your note holder. The day will involve both discussion and a practical element. The day is aimed at tuners with a reasonable amount of experience who either want to expand their skills base, or who already have experience of tuning large organs but would welcome another perspective on how to deal with their unique challenges. Of course, although this is targeted at managing large organs, most of the principles covered will be helpful when tuning smaller organs.

Leeds Cathedral have very kindly allowed us to use their wonderful Klais organ for the practical elements of the day; we will be elsewhere in the Cathedral for the remainder of the day. We will be welcoming people to Leeds Cathedral from 10am, for a 10.30 start. The day should finish at approximately 16.00 (we must vacate the Cathedral by 16.30). We will be going to a local cafe for lunch; everyone is invited either to come along with us, or to eat at one of the many other eateries which are close to the Cathedral.

Bring a reed knife, paper, and a pen. The cost of the day is £40. Please contact Carol Levey (administrator@ibo.co.uk) to book your place. There will only be six places available, so early booking is advised. .