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Detail on IBO Reference: 552

This organ is located in the diocese or region of St.Denys Church, Ravensthorpe, Northampton. The original builder was Conacher and the last known carer was John Bowen of Northampton. The organ is used regularly for services, currently at least once a month, it is also used for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. Condition overall is satisfactory. .The organ was first listed by the IBO on 2017-08-18.

Location : Northamptonshire

Offered As : Complete or for scrap

Action(s) :

Approximate Dimensions : 4'2" D x 7'3" W x 9'9 H


Manual IV : n/a
Manual III : n/a
Manual II : n/a
Manual I : 1 Open Diapason 2 Stop Diapason Base 3 Clarabella Treble 4 Fifteenth 5 Priciplal
Pedals :
Couplers :

Detail : The current organ was brought to the church in 1975 from Long Buckby Warf (when the Chapel closed). When it was moved it was rebuilt by John Bowen of Northampton. In rebuilding it various repairs were made with parts from other organs and the specification changed. The main change was that of transposing the Dulciana stop to make it a Fifteenth (a stop which sounds two octaves higher than a given unison). This had the effect of adding more brilliance to the tone of the organ. The organ has on manual and no pedals. The wooden casing was made by a local craftsman, the late Eric Hickman MBE and was completed in 1983. Little is known about its history prior to its arrival in Ravensthorpe, but it is believed the earliest parts of it date from around 1870. The instrument (and its predecessor) are listed on the National Pipe Organ Register (as D01688 and C00914 respectively) but little more information is given. The history of organs in St Denys is included in the book "Choirs, Bands and Organs" by Hilary Davidson.

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