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James Richardson-Jones Contact : James Richardson-Jones

42 Weybourne Road      Farnham   Surrey  GU9 9HG
Phone : 01252 672290   Email :  Website :

  • Tuning & Maintenance : Yes  (last inspected 2015)
  • Cleaning & Overhaul : Yes (last inspected 2015)
  • Rebuilding :  Yes (last inspected 2015)
  • Historic Restoration : Yes  (last inspected 2015)
  • Pneumatic Restoration : No 
  • New Electric Action : Yes (last inspected 2015)
  • New Tracker Action : No 
  • New Continuo Organ Construction :  No 

Workshop Facilities : 900sq ft incorporating woodworking and metalwork workshops. Additional storage space and office. General woodworking and separate metalworking tools and machinery. Both workshops more than adequate for all aspects of organ building.

Number of Staff : 2

Services Offered : Tunings, overhauls, rebuilds, restoration and new organs.

Examples of Work Inspected : Examples for inspection included a new 2 manual organ designed and largely built in-house. Also the restoration of an 1869 Hill organ from a badly neglected and unplayable condition.

Inspectors Noted : Inspectors noted a thoughtful design and the use of top quality materials in the construction of the new organ, whilst the provision of excellent documentation and photographs tracked a restoration resurrecting a previously unplayable organ.