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Griffiths & Company Ltd Contact : Geoff Griffiths

67, London Avenue      Portsmouth   Hampshire  PO2 8BW
Phone : 023 9265 5931   Email :  Website :

  • Tuning & Maintenance : Yes  (last inspected 2011)
  • Cleaning & Overhaul : Yes (last inspected 2011)
  • Rebuilding :  Yes (last inspected 2011)
  • Historic Restoration : No 
  • Pneumatic Restoration : No 
  • New Electric Action : No 
  • New Tracker Action : No 
  • New Continuo Organ Construction :  No 

Workshop Facilities : 2 buildings comprising 1,200 sq ft with sufficient tools and equipment required to undertake most types of work offered. Awaiting inspection.

Number of Staff : 4

Services Offered : Tunings, overhauls and rebuilds and restoration

Examples of Work Inspected : Examples for inspection included one which had been electrified with the console restored and one which had been rationalised to take up less space with the resulting organ both neater and more in keeping with the church.

Inspectors Noted : Inspectors noted that the work was neat and well thought through; with both instruments the casework and tuning was of a good standard.